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We take Security Seriously

FP Markets only accepts funds that come directly from the designated trading account holder. The only way to withdraw funds from your trading account is to send them back to the bank account from which they came. Otherwise, the withdrawal will not be processed by the broker. This way, no one can take your funds away from you.

    Your Broker account can be protected with a 2 Factors Authentification (2FA) and is protected with the same security level of institutional bank.

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Detailed Features of the Plans

Payment Terms

All our paid plans are billed annually. Once you have made your choice, you will be redirected to the purchase page and choose your payment method. Once your order is complete, your plan will be renewed each year at the same date and price.

    You can cancel your subscription at any time without charge. In this case, you will lose access to our copy trading service.

Estimated Annual Net Profit

Management fee are paid once per day after you make profit on a closed trade. The percentage of the fee is determined by the plan you choose. As example, if you are on the Premium plan, you will keep 80% of your profit and 20% of the profit realised will be automatically transfered by the broker systeme once a trade is close.

Our service is built on a win-win basis. Management fees are charged only on actual profits, management fees are never charged on your capital.

    In case of a loss, no management fee will be taken until your account balance is totally back in profit.

Minimum Balance

To invest via our platform, you must deposit funds into your broker account. This account is not linked to your XEROF account. The funds deposited in your broker account, also known as a trading account, will be the funds you will use to invest via our copytrading platform.

For all account types, the minimum balance is 200$ in order to meet the minimum risk levels set by our service. However, two plans have been set up especially for large investors, the Premium plan and the Platinum plan. These plans are reserved for clients with a balance of more than        5 000 Canadian dollars for the Premium plan and 10 000 Canadian dollars for the Platinum plan.

    Once your funds have been deposited into your trading account, the broker will give you access to our platform by providing you with the specifics (management fees) of the plan you have chosen beforehand.

Trading Account

In order to trade in the foreign exchange market, you need a broker's account. This broker will provide you with a trading account that you will fund at your convenience. This same trading account will be connected to our copy trading service via the broker's platform. Each plan allows you to connect one trading account, except for the Premium plan. This specific plan allows you to connect up to 3 accounts in order to use a different risk level for each of them.

    Please note that each of the 3 accounts must be opened under the same identity in order to be accepted. These accounts will be manually linked to ensure that they belong to the same member.

Risk Management

Because we care about all types of investors and know that not everyone has the same appetite for risk, our copytrading platform allows you to tailor your risk management as you wish.

    Please note that our service already provides a low risk strategy, if you are willing to take a higher risk, do so responsibly and remember that the long term is always more profitable.

Client Portal & Social Trading Portal

After connecting your trading account to our copytrading service, you will have access to your Social Trading Portal, where you can track your account performance, consult your paid fees, unsubscribe and more.

    Please note that the Social Trading Portal is where you can manage your connection to our copy trading service. This is a different portal to your FP Markets client portal, where you can make your deposit or withdraw your funds. Both portals can be accessed with the same credentials.

Direct Support from your Advisor

In order to offer a service adapted and personalized to the needs of our clients, we propose a direct support with your assigned advisor. He or she will be able to assist you with all of your requests, whether they involve adding funds, making withdrawals, or any other request related to our services. The operation of direct support will be detailed during your first private meeting with your designated advisor.

    Direct support and private consultations are available to Premium and Platinum  members only.

Private consultation sessions

When you become a Premium or Platinum member, you can set private consultations session with one of our advisors according to the plan you registred to. The purpose of these sessions is to answer your questions, explain the service offered in more detail and/or guide you through the onboarding process. 

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and according to the availability of the representative assigned to you. Your representative will contact you by email or phone as soon as possible after you purchase your plan.

Sessions can be used at your convenience, for example to discuss your options with your different trading accounts before you start using our platform, or simply when you need a specific time with your advisor.

    The role of the consultant is not to advise you on your investments or finances. The advisor does not act as a financial advisor in any way.

Private support for account opening

In order to make the onboarding process as easy as possible, Premium and Platinum members benefit from a session specifically reserved for their account opening. This session is not counted as a private consultation session. 

The member can decide when he wants to meet and proceed with the opening of his account while having an advisor to guide him through the process.

Private account opening sessions are scheduled with your assigned representative.

    Private account opening sessions are conducted in English or French only.

Monthly Report

As a Premium or Platinum member, you will be able to enjoy several benefits such as those mentioned above.

Another of these benefits is that you will receive a monthly performance report from our system that will give you all the details about the evolution of your trading accounts over the last month.

    The reports are sent once a month to the email address you used to create your XEROF account.