Reading to babies a routine that can change their lives.
Why and when to start reading to a baby.

There is no specific time to start reading to a baby, but it is generally recommended to start reading baby books as soon as your baby shows an interest in books, usually around 6 months.

Regular reading can:

  • Help and stimulate language development by exposing the baby to rich vocabulary and complex sentence structures.
  • Assist and stimulate their cognitive and social development by providing an opportunity to explore and interact with the world around them.
  • Strengthen the emotional bond between the baby and the reader by creating quality time together and reinforcing a sense of security and love.
  • Help develop the baby's ability to focus attention and maintain interest for long periods of time.
  • Help prepare the baby for future vocabulary learning.

What kind of reading is appropriate for babies?

Baby books are generally designed to be simple, visually appealing and fun, with clear illustrations and short stories. 

Books that are particularly popular with babies:

  • Books with colorful, simple illustrations can help stimulate a baby's curiosity and imagination.
  • Touch and smell books for babies can help stimulate senses such as touch and smell and can also help develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Books about animals and nature can help open their interest in the world around them and stimulate their curiosity about nature
  • Nursery rhyme and song books can be fun, participatory and help develop the baby's rhythm and auditory memory.

It is important to choose books adapted to the age and abilities of the baby and to make reading a fun and interactive experience. It is also important to vary the types of books to avoid boredom and to keep the baby interested.

In addition, reading to babies can be an enriching experience for the development of their body, mind and spirit and can help create positive reading habits for a lifetime.

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